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Landfill management is an effective method of dealing with refuse waste brought into landfills.


Gedco’s team can perform various tasks to ensure the landfill operates safely, including the ones highlighted below:

  • Assisting the public with the disposal of their solid waste and recyclables
  • Ensuring public areas are safe for the public and roads are maintained for public access
  • Identifying refuse waste with chlorofluorocarbon gases and ensuring they are properly disposed of
  • Ensuring safe transportation of solid waste and recyclables from transfer stations to landfills
  • Creating and maintaining landfills to their design
  • Reducing the effects to the surrounding environment through erosion control, water drainage, and containing waste on site
  • Ensuring refuge is compacted properly and covered to obtain optimal use of the landfill site


Gedco has the equipment and ability to build and maintain landfill sites of varying sizes. Each landfill is designed differently and requires different tasks to operate within the environment’s ecosystem.